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low inertia clutch and brake
Low inertia series disc clutch
Product overview:
Low inertia series clutch and brakes is applicable to all heavy conditions needing clutch connection occasions, it can be used as coupling connecting two concentric shafts passing from side to side, also can be installed on the axis side to achieve the same transmission power, more high-speed clutch can be directly connected to engine.
Rotary parts of their own low moment of inertia, thus, can greatly reduce the acceleration and deceleration time and heat generation. Particularly suitable for recycling conditions and higher frequency of the occasion. The clutch / brake uses a ring air bag. 1, 2, 3, or 4 intermediate gears form various torques to meet different torque needs. Due to the small moment of inertia of the rotating part, this clutch can move 20-30 times per minute and is accurate, swift and reliable, especially suitable for frequent clutch conditions.
Low inertia series disc clutch is widely used in cold shear, cold bed, presses, construction machinery, petroleum, ships, ports, forging, printing, textile, welding and other fields.
Product model (list of WPT models)
The main product models are: TPQ118H, TPQ218H, TPQ318H, TPQ124H, TPQ224H, TPQ324H, TPQ330H Clutches And Brakes

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